Saints Of Predella Essay

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The saints illustrated in this glass window, represent the importance of education. The Venerable Cornelia Connelly (center) - born in Philadelphia on January 15, 1809 to April 18, 1879 - was the Foundress of the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus or the SHCJ and is honored here in her role as an educator. In 1846, she and three companions traveled to Derby, England to create the SHCJ which focused primarily on the education of the poor. There were organized classes seven days a week both day and night for the children who worked in factories and poor women ; sundays were for religious instruction. After her unfortunate death in 1879, the SHCJ continued to find schools - one of which being the esteemed Rosemont College. Cornelia’s window shows her instructing a young girl, while the predella features an image of the motherhouse in Rome, a testament to the order she founded. The following saints were selected for their impact on the Mother Foundress as well as their contributions to the catholic faith. Saint Gertrude the Great (left) - born in Germany on January 6, 1256 to November 17, 1302 - known for the Prayer for The Holy Souls in Purgatory was an Abbess of Benedictine monastery at Nivelles and a noted scholar and…show more content…
Following the death of her mother, Saint Teresa began to deviate from the church. In her teenage years, her primary focuses were romance novels, boys, and rebellion. Because of this, her strict father sent her to live with the Augustinian nuns of her province at the age of sixteen where the Sisters helped her to return to her religious faith. In her window, Saint Teresa holds a book and a pen, symbolic of the reforms she made to the Carmelite order, as well as her great writings. In the predella, women are pictured entering Sharon, the home in England for Sisters of the Holy Child
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