Salem Witch Trials : Causes Ideas, And Accusers

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Salem Witch Trials By Zuezette Mora Muñoz History 11 Mr. Miller April 28, 2017 Zuezette Mora Muñoz Mr. Miller History 11 April 28, 2017 The Salem Witchcraft Trials: Causes Ideas, and Accusers One of the biggest events to ever shake the small town of Salem, Massachusetts took place in 1692. During this time many people, both men and women, were being accused of witchcraft, which was very frowned upon and had lethal consequences if the “witch” was caught. Throughout the entire Salem Witch Trials, a total of one hundred and forty one people were accused and arrested for witchcraft. Out of those one hundred and forty one who were arrested, nineteen of them were hanged, and one person was crushed to death. Many researchers have come to…show more content…
Now you may ask yourself “what caused the witch trials of Salem?” Well I am about to answer that question in the next few paragraphs. You see there were about few hundred residents living in the town of Salem. The residents were split into two groups; one being farmers and the other being Putnam’s people. These two groups came into conflict when one group (the farmers) argued that they had every right to remain in the town as farming families, and they wanted the Putnam’s to settle in the eastern rich suburban town of Salem. Because of this conflict going on between the two groups, the main economy of Salem which were the farmers were known to become an individualistic community. The Putnam’s felt as if the farming families were becoming really isolated from the rest of the town and they were quite amazed that they had made so much wealth just farming off their lands. Putnam’s were protestors known to be a rebellious group. This group had main ownership of the farming lands in the Salem village and they felt the need to form audience that can help them become a united group. In 1689, the religious audience was formed under the lead of Reverend Parris (Sutter). The religious audience was only a small group of the population of Salem and most of the members were the Putnam’s. The religious group and the Putnam’s were spilt into two fractions and divided into a contract under Reverend Parris who was employed to conduct church activities. Many religious people

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