Sales Objectives Of 3d Television Sales

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Sales Objectives

In world of 3D television sales, the percentage of the rankings in 2012 were: (1)
1. Samsung, 26% of market (1)
2. LG, 14.6% of market (1)
3. Sony, 9.4% of market (1)
4. Sharp, 6.5% of market (1)
5. Panasonic, 5.3% of market (1)
6. Other, 38.3% of market (1) (1)
In 2010 a unique plan was developed to a full 3D TV market to give more information or facts to people about the 3D image. The advertises of 3D TVs around the world were very weak ,As a result, sales of 3D TV were not as great as expected, due to the fact that most people who are thinking of buying 3D TVs did not witness how different and wonderful 3D TV is (1).

Samsung has tremendous …show more content…

The sales networks at the moment, Samsung developed fully in 61 countries and is expanding. (1)

(1) Customer families in North America alone buy a new TV every 7 years, and the average household has 2.8 televisions. 3D ready TV penetration increased expectations from 10% to more than 50% by 2019 for the company worldwide. (1)
Product launch of the new 3D TV is just an addition to the existing distribution system. Samsung has global operations, and maintains a well-established distribution channels using a lot of sales partners. These will be used existing distribution systems require any supply or delivery of major developments. (1)
Because of these essential strengths, Samsung Company has more control to the cost of the product, and can control sales price when it need, much easier than its competitors. Samsung is one of the leading chip design and production, as well as, many other parts used in the development and production of 3D television companies.(1)
A strong brand name is one of the bases for competitive advantage in the marketing of Samsung 3D TV. Samsung brand name is undoubtedly one of the most recognized in the 61 countries where the brands are marketing their products. Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and marketers of 3-D TVs in the world. (1) and that it provides them with outstanding brand awareness in the global market for commercial marketing

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