Salutary Neglect In America

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Salutary Neglect- Between 1690 and 1760, the colonist went to little problems from the British. Salutary Neglect was an idea which could be beneficial to the colonies. The concept of this idea was that America could experience self-government and people could make their own rules. The Salutary Neglect make the colonies violate the Navigation Act and allowed the colonies to feel being independent. The colonies had their own legislatures which made their own laws.
Proclamation of 1763 was ordered on October 9,1763 by King George III, which was after Britain obtained French territory in America. The job was to create a newly gained territory in America and get a better relationship between the natives and the Europeans. They achieve this goal by regulating trade, settlement and buying land on the western frontier. The colonist thought that if they had fought a war to defend the land makes it theirs. The British wanted the colonist to maintain control of the land. The colonist used to move west of the proclamation line as a form of rebellions that foreshadowed the American Revolution.
Iroquois Confederacy was a band of five tribes from upper New York in the 17th and 18th century. The representatives were the Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk and Seneca which they call themselves “the people of the lighthouse”. The group was identified by non-aggression pact between the five tribes, recognition of shared concern which brought them closer. The complex of the group as a form

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