Sam Bird Research Paper

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Sam Bird sat in their first period class and gawked at the man they met last weekend while on the bridge. They were in-love with him. However, they were not their mother. Her mother was evil, obsessive, jealous, manipulative, and empty without a man in her life. They looked like her. The same grey eyes, the same black to mid-neck hair, and sometimes the same obsessive tendecies. They were wrong about a lot of things. Sam had a tendency to lie to themselves. However, they know that they are nothing like their mother. No matter what the therapist say or how much their family wants them to believe. They do carry a small purse around, just like their mom, but they don't carry around weapons. What do they carry? Paint supplies, keys, tampons …show more content…

(That is Chinease.) He is new, and was born in Canada. He plays basketball. He is their age. (They are 14.) He is prone to OCD-like tics such as moving around papers, muttering things three times in a row, and obsessive counting of the amount of times he touches a door knob. He likes a skating videogame because he liked a youtuber named Kudscrouts (Was that what he said? They don't know. They were eavesdropping in a loud classroom. They hate loud noises but focusing on one thing helps them not freak out.) He has a few bad sides: forgetful, impulsive, obsessive, and always looking for a fight. He had good qualities too: energetic, funny, tolerant, and they recently discovered that he was a selfless hero. He was their superhero. Instead of a red cape and blue tights, he came to them in a red hoodie and jeans. They could distantly remember the night. The night was brisk. Stars glistened above but Sam's eyes were glued to the water's reflection. Admitable it was a beautiful night. Sam recalled wishing to wear something more warm. They like wearing cute, girly outfits such as dresses and sometimes wore cute tops on top of the dresses. Jackets were something they loved to wear too, but they left the house in a

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