Sam Walton In The 1900's

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Sam Walton the wealthiest man in the late 1900’s, was the founder of Walmart and Sam's Club. Even with all the money Walton had, he was really humble. Walton did everything possible to become successful, he even sold newspaper as a kid. He achieved h is goal by not giving up and trying all different ways to reach it. Sam Walton was born in 1918 in Oklahoma. He was the oldest of the two children that Thomas Gibson Walton and Nancy Lee Lawrence Walton gave birth to. Thomas was a banker, farmer, and farm loan appraiser. He paid his way through college with the money he made from his newspaper routes. When he hired helpers he was earning $4,000 to $5,000 a year. He went to The University of Missouri at Columbia, where he got his business …show more content…

Walton opened his first Walmart in Rogers, Ar July 2, 1962. In 1969 Wal-Mart was incorporated. In January 1970 walton and his brother owned eighteen Walmart stores and Fourteen Ben Franklins. In 1976 walton had closed of his Ben Franklin stores leaving him with just Walmart stores. 1980 Walton had 330 walmarts in operation. Ten years later 1990 Walton and his brother owned 1,573 Stores, The annual sales were $25.8 Billion. In 1991 walmart was the nationals largest retail seller with 1,700 Stores. In 1997 Walmart surpassed $100 Billion in sales. Walton became a management leader. Waltons Net Worth Estimated $21 to $23 …show more content…

Later after his death he died of cancer on April 5, 1992. Sam Walton was a very Humble man. He drove an old pickup truck. He used clothes from his own store. He also bought his shoes at walmart and never showed off luxury. The last his years of his life he suffered hairy-cell leukemia and bone marrow cancer. After his death Alice Walton, Jim Walton and S.Robson took over the company. At first the company rate percentage went down, But then worked its way up again. Alice and her brothers have been helping and donating money to charity. Alice opened Crystal Bridges Museum in 2011 that was worth 50 million dollars. She opened it to keep her 500 million dollar collection. Her museum already had four times the visitors than the famous Whitney Museum in New York. Alice loves riding horses she owns Rocking W Ranch in Texas with 1,456 Acres. Robson the oldest of Walton’s kids has a net worth of $33.4 Billion. According to Walmart Rob has been the Chairman since his father Sam Walton died in 1992. Jim Walton is the youngest sibling of the Walton’s. Jim has a net worth of $33.6 Billion. Jim is the chairman of the family's Arvest Bank which has branches in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Jim is also Chairman of Community Publishers, Which operate newspaper in Arkansas. The Walton’s family is today still one of the richest families in the United States and one one of the richest in the

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