Same-Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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"The state cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime -Kennedy" (Dockterman). By denying homosexuals the right to come out and marry their partners won't make them or their "choice" change. People all around the world have their own opinions about gay rights, but people are people no matter their race, skin color, or gender and they should have the same rights as "normal" couples. Homosexual couples should be able to be together for three main reasons: they are being discriminated for being the way they are, more children would be adopted, and statistics have proven that divorce rates have declined when a state allows homosexuals to marry. Discrimination Not allowing …show more content…

Even employees think that what this company is doing is wrong, and it is! The gays don't hate on heterosexuals, so why should they receive hate from "normal" people. A fellow employee from Chick-fil-A stated that he calls it hater appreciation day and that it is in fact very depressing (Shapiro). More Adoptions However, even more depressing is not only that they are being discriminated, but they are not allowed to adopt kids."Gary Gates estimates that four percent of the adopted population in the United States -about 65,000 children- live in homes in which the head of the household is gay or lesbian" (Rosman). Now think, 65,000 is a lot of kids who were once orphans adopted into loving caring homes. However, since its gays, people decide to discriminate and say its not right to let these type of couples to adopt children. How is that okay? They are denying these kids the possibilities of moving into loving and caring homes. Without those homosexual couples 65,000 kids would still be in foster homes. "According to the Family Equality Council, many states have policies that have the effect of restricting foster parenting or adoption by gay and lesbians." They say they deny them this because they believe that kids raised by same-sex couples is immoral and unpleasant for the child (Rosman) . Think about the kids now. All those kids that could finally have a chance to be in a home

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