Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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Same sex marriage has been a huge topic for many years. Some states have ruled it unconstitutional, and some have disagreed, and even passed a law to allow same sex couple to legally get married. Should we punish people for wanting to show and express their love for one another? Me personally, I feel that these people should be allowed to show their love for one another the same as a man marring a woman. The only difference in their love is sexual preference and I don’t think that should be a huge deal.
Here in the United States we voted on giving everyone equal rights, and that gives people the right of privacy, “freedom of speech”, and freedom and religion. Whenever there is talk about giving same sex couples the right to get married, I always hear different bible versus being thrown into the matter. We all sin in different ways, but we judge those with different sins than ours. Is this the right thing to do? The bible has no place when it comes to our laws and rights as human beings.
Opposing gay marriage, in my personal opinion is another form of bias, and racism. This argument is not any different from when African Americans (“colored”) couldn’t drink from the same water fountain or even ride on a bus next to Caucasians. We as humans act as if we deny them the right to get married like a “traditional couple” they would all of a sudden change the way that they live, and stop loving the people they love. Are we that naïve? Is this even fair to those individuals. Just

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