Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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Consider how you would feel if you were told that who you are, and the way you feel isn’t human. Imagine being treated like a young confused animal, which can be “re-trained,” for lack of a better phrase, if society just doesn’t accept who you are. This is a sad state of affairs, gay or straight, people are people and they should not be treated as anything less. Same-sex couples should be awarded the same benefits and rights as heterosexual couples, including the right to marriage. For a little over two decades, same-sex marriage has been a highly debated topic. The debate centers around if gay and lesbian couples should be allowed the right to enter into a legal marriage. While civil unions have more support than same-sex marriage, they do not allow for all of the rights a married couple would have. Civil unions allocate couples most of the rights of state civil marriages, but administer none of the federal benefits of marriage. This includes Social Security benefits, spousal support, medical decision-making privileges, access to a partner 's insurance, and hospital visitation rights (“Same-sex Marriage,”2014). In an article by W.E. Woods, “Marriages Grass Roots,”(2004) he talks about the first cases of gay marriage that were brought about in Hawaii. He researched in depth the laws that surrounded marriage, and made his argument. They argued that the state 's refusal to let them marry amounted to gender discrimination, which would violate the state constitution 's Equal…

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