Same-sex Rights Should Be a Federal Matter

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Title My struggle to come to this country was epic. I crossed four border lines and spent almost a year to get to the United States of America. I didn’t care. I could repeat every step and face every fear I had during my journey because I reached my goal, living in a free country where your dreams become true and the government protects your rights and your freedoms, but this isn’t the truth for everybody living in America. There are no dreams come true for the homosexual people. They don’t enjoy the same warranties heterosexuals are granted. Getting married, raised a child, or grow emotionally and economically together aren't rights that the federal government grant to homosexuals because they were left to the states to decide, and only a few have taken a step forward this matter. It loos like the constitution wasn’t being applied to people with a different sexual orientation. Same-sex rights should be a federal matter as opposed to a state matter. Therefore, the federal government should assure In our Declaration of Independence the founding fathers clearly stated that everyone is entitled to “the pursuit of happiness.” A basic right and something that most people strive for, is the creation of a happy and stable family. Same-sex couples are being left aside this civil right. They can’t pursuit their happiness thru marriage because this contract that goes beyond the emotional connection between
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