Is Making Gay Marriage Legal A Good Thing?

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Jesse Hernandez
English 1320
Stevie Edwards Edwards
February 15, 2017

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Was making gay marriage legal a good thing?
Gay marriage, now this topic is talked about pretty much everyday somewhere on the news on whether or not this is a good or bad thing that it’s legal. Now although no one can change this law, people still voice their opinions, now I’m all for gay marriage, it doesn 't hurt or harm anyone. The way I see it is if it doesn 't affect me, then it wont bother me and it shouldn 't bother anyone. If you were to ask literally anyone, 9 times out of 10 they 'll say that they support the legalization of gay marriage. There are a lot of reasons to why I believe this law was a great movement to legalize, for one it …show more content…

Lastly, in the same article, Obergefell quotes “Our Love Is Equal,” which is exactly my next point on how now everyone is equal no matter if you like boys, girls, or the same sex. Now everyone can be happier knowing that they can get married and not have to worry about it being legal or not, because now it’s accepted in all 50 states and can finally be in peace with themselves.
Now, marriage is simply between two partners of different sex or same sex and for majority of people its a way of showing both their true love and responsibility on why they 're the chosen one in a sense. However, society doesn 't like to hear the part of two people getting married of the same sex, which again is bizarre to me because why does it matter, it has nothing to do with you. Gay marriage is a plus in my opinion for America, because it 'll show that we are the only place that allows all its states to do such thing and show why we are the dominant force in the world. This law that was passed in the United States has started a chain movement by allowing other countries to pass the same law like Canada, France, Brazil, Ireland, etc.
In the U.S. Constitution is states that “All men are created equal,” and marriages of same sex can finally feel this way of being equal again. That’s how it should be for everyone, equal is makes society and everything

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