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Anna Garcia, 38 was found in her home at Hillsboro, MO on August 24, 2016. Her neighbor Doug Greene. He last seen her walking her dog the morning before at 6:30 AM. Mr.g Greene and Ms. Garcia talked that morning. Mr.Greene had called Ms. Garcia and had no answer. He went over to her house to find out what was wrong. She did not answer and the dog was reported barking in the house. Greene decided it time to call the authorities. It was a hot 92 degree morning. The call came in at 9:45 AM. The authorities arrived at the scene at 9:56 AM.
Greene informed the police of what he knew and that was that she was last seen yesterday morning when they talked. He also said that went over to her house and called her and there was no answer. …show more content…

These are the conclusions. Evidence 1 was the aspirin. The aspirin was found crushed. The powder was 32 by 24 inches. The powder was found near foot of left left and there was a footprint in the powder. Evidence 2 was a syringe. The syringe was found empty. The syringe was 4 inches long. It was found to the left side of the body. We haven’t tested the syringe to find out what was in it. Evidence number 3 was the pill closest to the body. The dimensions are .5 cm by .5 cm.The diameter was 6 mm. It was found next to Anna’s left arm and was one pill out of 2 pills. Number 4 of the evidence was the vomit. The vomit was 12 inches by 12 inches. The vomit was by Anna’s head. The vomit had evidence of food in her system, the vomit was chunky. It was pale yellow and orange color. It came out of Anna’s mouth to the right of her head. We have yet to analyze the vomit to see what it consist of. Evidence number 5 is the powder substance behind the table. We have tested the powder and it was concluded that is was in fact aspirin. The dimensions were 6 by 5 inches. The powder was located behind the table. The orange liquid was evidence 6. The orange liquid was spilled from the cup. The orange substance was located in front of Anna’s head. The dimensions were 3 by 1 inches. The next piece of evidence was number 7, the fingerprint on the cup. The fingerprint has been tested and the results are that it was Alex Garcia’s. It …show more content…

Her neighbor Doug Greene called the police when she wasn’t answering her phone calls or door. Her ex-husband Alex Garcia has a new wife and they are experiencing financial difficulties. Alex was the last person to see her alive when he went over to her house to discuss some paperwork. Anna had been released from the hospital a few week prior to her death. She was experiencing pain in her side. When the autopsy was concluded it was found that Anna had swollen ankles and needle marks on her left thigh. She also had a wound from the back of her head. The hair found at the crime scene was Anna’s. The blood analysis showed that it was from from a 90 degree angle and fell from 63 inches in height. The blood work also showed that the blood was type B and it was either Anna’s or Alex’s. The fingerprint was in fact Anna’s as well. There was no sign of a break in or robbery at her house. I believe the manner of death was accident. I don’t believe she was murdered of it was natural. I believe she is hypoglycemic and died from her head wound. She had fresh needle marks on her thigh and it could be from her insulin shot. I feel like she forgot to take her shot, she got dizzy and fell on the table. All the evidence that we have at this moment proves my

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