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Nathan Rees
Sound Design DFPR1104
Project Evaluation
Over the past weeks I have been adding sounds to a moving image clip. Research of the science behind sound and of professional sound recordist would be key, anything from microphone techniques to personal safety would need to be taken into account on the recording side, whereas an understanding of the software and tools within it would be needed for the sequencing.
Throughout history sound has been used to help convey a story. As early as the 1900’s, without today’s technology, movies would often be accompanied by a soundtrack played on a piano or record players. In 1927 The Jazz singer was released, a warner bros movie that featured music and dialog on the actual filmstrip. This film is …show more content…

Dialog was the first sound recorded, there was quite a lot of dialog involved and it would need to be recorded at the right level as it will be the loudest part of the sequence. When recording vocals I set up the microphone appropriately, this meant positioning the microphone at roughly the same height as my chin. The microphone also needed to be close to my mouth, if I was too far away it wouldn’t be loud enough meaning the volume would have to be amplified which would also amplify all the unwanted noises around. A pop filter was also used, I simply moved it into the correct position before saying my lines. A pop filter is used to stop the popping noise that can be accompanied by saying certain letters such as p. Once the microphone was set up the lines were recorded, this was helped by having a TV playing the video so I could get my timings perfected. One issue that did occur was putting the emotion into certain sections, I found this hard at first as the recordings came out stale with no feeling. To fix this I redid the dialog a few times and tried to treat it more as acting than speaking. The final sections of dialog came out much better than the previous but there is still clear room for improvement when it comes to the

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