Sample Resume : A Lab Director Essay

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1. Of the positions described above, do you have a preference? If so, which lab director position do you prefer? Of the positions described above prefer the lab director position. From my understanding, there is only one position open this term. However, if the lab director position isn’t open I am willing to be the new student lab director. 2. Do you have a preference for how many terms you would like to serve as lab director? If so, would you prefer to serve for one or two terms? I would like to serve for two terms. The reason that I choose two terms is because I plan to begin the Ph.D. program at Fielding Graduate University in the fall semester of 2017. Therefore I would finish serving as a lab director the semester before I start the program, which allows me to focus solely on the Ph.D. program. Skills & Attributes 1. Why do you want to be a lab director? What, in your opinion, are the benefits of acting as lab director? There are several reasons of why I would like to become a lab director. The first reason is because I would like to give back to Fielding. If students don’t contribute to the school it hinders the growth of the school, which hinders their own education. Another reason that I would like to become a lab director is to meet other students and staff within Fielding. I truly have a passion for helping people, which is just one reason that I am pursuing the occupation of a clinical psychologist. As a lab director, I will wake up every day knowing
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