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Student name: Piyanat Numdee
Student Number: z3401624
Course convenor/lecturer: DR. Deane-Peter Baker
Course name: Introduction to Military Ethics
Course code: ZGEN2240
Assessment number: 1
Assessment task: Major Report
Word length: 2169
Date submitted: 26 September 2014

I, Piyanat Numdee affirm that the work in this assignment is solely my own other than where explicitly acknowledged being otherwise.
I assert that the preparation of this work has been completed in accordance with ethical standards appropriate to students of UNSW at ADFA and is true representation of my current capabilities in this course.

In terms of the principle of jus ad bellum, was Israel justified in launching its military action against Hamas and Palestinian Islamic jihad in Gaza in July 2014?
Israel’s military action against Palestine
There has been an ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, after Israel pulled out its forces from the Gaza and the West Bank since its occupation from Six Day War in 1967. Recently in July 2014, Israel launched a military action against Palestinians in the Gaza which is under control of Hamas. After 7 weeks of the campaign, there were over 2,100 deaths which the majorities are Palestinian. I would claim that Israel’s military action against Hamas was not justified, because the action did not meet most of the criteria of jus ad bellum, as will be explained later in this report.
Analysing the Israel’s
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