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Cover Letter: Academy Sports + Outdoors | 1800 N Mason Rd, Katy, TX 77449
Re: Store Manager - Operations position | SW Raleigh, NC (New Store) | Raleigh, NC, 27523
I am proud to present my resume for the position of Store Manager - Operations. I’m excited by the prospect of returning to retail, managing store-level operations, providing outstanding customer service, driving sales, and being responsible for the learning, growth, and development of the next generation of retail leaders!
I have the skills and qualifications to accomplish everything you’re looking for in a retail manager, and I can contribute much more. I’ve been in retail my entire adult life (except the last 15 months), and I have a tremendous record of success …show more content…

Your associates delivered beyond expectations, and she ended up returning the product to your competitor and purchasing from you because of it. So I visited your store while I was in town (Cumming, GA). I’m impressed with the store layout, the service, and the quality of retailing, in general. And being an outdoor/sports enthusiast, the positive experience resonated with me. I did more research after returning to the Raleigh area, and I’m excited to learn that you’re opening a store nearby.

I have enormous respect for tradition, but occasionally it creates barriers to success. For example, recapping 20+ years of responsibilities, achievements, purposeful skill development, and complex contributions in two pages doesn’t do justice to recruiters, hiring managers, employers, or people changing careers. And Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) add more restrictions and nuances to the process.
The resume I’ve submitted attempts to summarize my most relevant experience based on the job description, but the chances are good that you’ll be looking for things that didn’t make the cut. Rest assured, if it’s related to retail, leadership, management, general business acumen, operations, training, communications, sales, or customer service, I probably have in-depth experience. But even if I don’t, I’ll figure it out quickly, guaranteed.
My resume just covers the highlights.

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