Samsung 's Innovative And Top Quality Products

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Samsung’s innovative and top quality products and processes are recognized all over the world. Samsung is comprised of companies that are setting new standards in a wide range of businesses, from electronics to financial services, chemicals and heavy industries to trade and services (Daniel S. 2010).Samsung has grown from its inception as a small export business in Taegu, Korea to one of the world’s leading electronic companies, specializing in digital appliances and media, semiconductors, memory and system integration.Samsung is a company in flux. Once the darling of the Android smartphone market, it has struggled to retain its dominance in recent years due to increased competition in the face of market saturation (Lance, W. 2015). The …show more content…

Samsung being an employee centric organization believes in addressing the security and financial issues raised through the usage of cash for T&E related expenses by its employees. Samsung Electronics tries to provide an ideal workplace where employees can take great pride in their work and put their trust in management; a workplace where they are bolstered as their ambition is fulfilled and rewarded (Samsung Company 2008).As an employer who believes that employees are the key to success of the organization, a standard solution that enhances employee security and convenience in carrying out their daily tasks was needed

In 2003, different corporate card programs were deployed across subsidiaries under Samsung China to replace the use of cash reserves for the purpose of reimbursement to employees. There was a lack of consistency in reimbursement policies as all the subsidiaries had their own corporate card program. The presence of multiple issuers apart from other variables led to a lot of confusion and complexity within the T&E program of the company and lack of visibility on the exact amount spent in T&E related matters (Daniel, S. 2010).
Travel and entertainment expenses are the second largest controllable expense or most organizations. Hence, the

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