Samuel's '1 Samuel 9: 2'

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The Israelites tell Samuel that they want a king to govern over them. The Israelites say they want a king like other nations. This insistence at having a king angers God; he feels as though the Israelites are betraying him, because he should be the only king in the eyes of the Israelites. After Samuel warns the Israelites of the dangers of having a king, God grants the peoples' wish and instructs Samuel that Saul is to be the first king of Israel. God has basics to fit the king of Israel, a list that requires little, if any, experience in leadership. The main traits of Israel's kings seem to require him to be a handsome Jewish man, one who is tall, displays an aptitude for obeying orders from God (through Samuel), and who exhibits a professional…show more content…
Nothing is mentioned of an aptitude for personal relationships, an ability to captivate or lead a group of people. This suggests that the absolute first requirement for a king of Israel is that he be good-looking. Perhaps this is a smart decision; a kingdom may listen and obey the commands of a leader whose looks are admirable, while they are more likely to be skeptical about an ugly person. God created man in his own image, so perhaps He wanted to choose the best example in the kingdom to be a representative of the Lord. In 1 Samuel 9:2 also states "there was not a man among the people of Israel more handsome than he (Saul)”. Israelites might question God if he chose an ugly man as king; they might think this ugly king is a reflection of…show more content…
He won the hearts of his people as a teenager when he defeated Goliath with his slingshot, securing for Saul a win against the Philistines. In the Bible God calls him a man after his own heart.
The Lord said to David I will also give you rest from all your enemies. The Lord declares to David that he will establish a house for you. When your days are over and you rest with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, your own flesh and blood, and I will establish his kingdom.
Although Solomon was granted wisdom by God, succeeded in building the first Temple of Jerusalem, achieved international recognition, abundance and prosperity flourished throughout the land and he expanded the borders. Unlike Saul, Solomon reconciles with God and to basically states wealth, wisdom, women and the ways of the world are nothing.
Solomon fell into Covenant Disobedience by marring with foreign women and engaging in polygamy. He also relied more on his wealth and wisdom than God and like Saul allowing his pride to stunt his spiritual growth. This Covenant disobedience however leads to a long line of weak kingship in Israel and Hebrew
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