Sandwich Blitz Unit 8

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We live in a society where integrity has become a decaying business ethic. In the scenario for this unit we find Dalman and Lei facing an integrity check, when they are reported by one of their managers that a government inspector stated he would be willing to approve a violation of a new law, based on new local health codes, by one of Sandwich Blitz locations, in exchange for catering services to his department’s holiday party. In this particular situation, the first demonstration of integrity has already been displayed by the location’s manager with the mere fact of him reporting the incident to Dalman and Lei. But the integrity test does not end there, in fact, that is just the beginning. In Sherman’s article Rethinking Integrity, one…show more content…
In the article we read “Taking responsibility: Acknowledge our complete, sole responsibility for every one of our actions. No more seeing other people and outside events as the cause of our problems. Blame no one, accept the behavior of others and the circumstances of our lives as givens, and proceed from there. When we see something in the world that we don’t like, we recognize our personal responsibility either to change or accept it.” Sandwich Blitz opted to keep their location in a small parcel of land in an effort to keep operation expenses low and keep a competitive advantage. By doing so, they limited their allocation of structures to the bare minimum and these limits are no longer in compliance with the law. Therefore, Sandwich blitz needs to realize that their strategy is no longer an option, take responsibility, and figure out a way to expand their real estate or look into a relocation option. Even though both of these options would be costly, it is the ethical thing to do. Norm Brodsky, a veteran entrepreneur, said on an article titled Growing Up as a CEO, “You've got to take responsibility for the messes you get your company into. Problems will keep resurfacing until you recognize how your actions helped create them in the first place.” Speaking from experience, after understanding his responsibility for the bankruptcy

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