Santiago Character Sketch - the Old Man and the Sea Essay

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In Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea, we meet the old man Santiago, who is a persistent, hardy, and prideful individual. He exemplifies these character traits in his struggles to earn back the respect and reputation among the local fisherman. To do this, he sails out much farther than the other fishermen, in hopes if finding a big fish to bring back – bigger than any of the fish they have caught. Overall, Santiago exhibited all of the traits of any great fisherman; persistence, hardiness, and pride. Perhaps though, one of his greatest traits was the persistence he always seemed to show. Santiago showed great persistence throughout the story. Despite the fact he had not caught a fish in over eighty-four days, he continues to go out in…show more content…
In The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago's pride is quite evident as one of his main character traits. Santiago continues to go out every day to fish, his main reason being to salvage his pride and reputation among the local fisherman. He is determined to sail out farther than any of the other fishermen, where the bigger fish are, in attempts to prove himself to them. Santiago shows great pride in his work. For example, he is very careful in the way that he handles his lines, saying that allowing them to drift as the other fishermen do, would be imprecise. Another example is how he compares himself to the baseball player Joe DiMaggio. He knows that despite his handicap – a bone spur – he is still great at what he does, and when Santiago's hand are cramped and cut, he thinks of it as his own sort of bone spur, and continues to fight on. Once he finally catches the Marlin, he imagines about how proud DiMaggio would be of him. Santiago realizes that it was ultimately his pride which caused him to lose the marlin, and he expresses his regret for doing so. This shows that although he does have great pride in his work, he is still humble and acknowledges his faults, ultimately making him a great fisherman. Overall, these traits made Santiago a great fisherman. He had the persistence needed to go out day after day, even when he failed to bring in a catch. He had the hardiness needed to survive out on the sea, and he always took great pride in his
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