Sappho And Plato Relationship

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deal with concepts of homosexual love. Sappho, the only ancient Greek female author whose work survived, talks from the female point of observation, whereas Plato’s work concentrates on the idea of love among males. Though both of their perspectives are similar in ways such as their ideas of physical attraction and desire, Plato’s work creates a better understanding of the nature of love then Sappho’s ideas. This understanding will be shown with three arguments and counter- arguments in order to demonstrate the dominance of Plato over Sappho. It will than be concluded with an overview of the main idea and a recap of the three arguments made for Plato.

In the symposium, Pausanias (Greek geographer) conveys the second part which talks about a few of the societal standards representing gay (homoerotic) relationships. The way that a companion (an older man) and his lover ( a younger man) may act towards each other is largely based on society’s ethical code. It is shown that the tradition of this relationship is pursuer to the pursued; the older man takes the initiative in the relationship and is
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Plato’s work can be summarized by that the goal is essentially intellectual satisfaction, while Sappho’s objectives are directly linked with physical beauty and desire for physical attraction. Plato’s work provides a better understanding of love because the homoerotic relationship between an older man and younger man creates positivity because it expands the virtue in the older man and the wisdom in the younger man. Secondly, Pausanias shows the moral aspects are important within homoerotic love because they are a guide to the right and wrong ways to satisfy desire. Lastly, when you find you’re other half, in turn you are finding yourself which is an amazing achievement. Therefore, Plato’s Symposium best explains the nature of
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