Sarah Thebarge : 'I Am Invisible,Because People Refuse To See Me'

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“I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. -Ralph Ellison” this is a statement that Sarah Thebarge thought important enough to have in her memoir. She suffered through so much and felt invisible because of it. She felt abandoned from God, from her church, her parents, from the world, and her boyfriend. At the young age of 27, Sarah discovered that she had malignant cancer cells in her breast tissue, fought it several times, received a double degree in medicine and journalism and helped a refugee family in the process.
Sarah Thebarge is an inspiration. The sexism that she went through with her church and her family because she was a woman, shaped her into who she is now. Her church would place stretched fabric across the front of the instruments to “obstruct lust-provoking glimpses of the female musician’s calves and ankles.” The practices of women not being allowed to read or talk or sing loudly seemed normal to her, it seemed to be the order of the world. That man was in charge of women, deciding what they can and can’t do, what she can or can’t say, waiting like a snake to rebuke her words or to rescue her when the men thought she needed rescuing.
Instead of a man rescuing the Somali family, it was Sarah. It started when Sarah went on a bus and sat down across from that family. She helped a sleepy toddler and a bored 4 year old when she didn’t need to. When Sarah didn’t know what to do, she remembered the golden rule, do unto others as you would
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