Satire Of The Soviet Union

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Jacob Estes
Mrs. Evans
British Literature
20 January 2017
Orwell’s Animal Farm: Satire of the Soviet Union The Animal Farm book is a well-known novel that uses allegory and satire to make light of the Soviet Union during the mid-1940’s. The author George Orwell has been known for many famous and well know novels such as 1984, Animal Farm and Down and Out in Paris and London. George Orwell is the known author for these novels, but many don’t know that it was a stage name. The author’s real name was Eric Arthur Blair, Eric was a novelist, political writer and journalist. These occupations he had explains the reason his novels tend to relate and depict certain political situations, and figure in society. Eric lived from 1903 to 1950, …show more content…

The characters in Animal Farm depict leaders, and people during the Cold War. There are multiple character throughout the novel, three of the most important in this story are Snowball, Squealer, and Napoléon. All three of these characters helped code Old Majors ideas into the Commandments of Animalism. The Commandments of Animalism are “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy’, “Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend”, “No animal shall wear clothes”, No animal shall sleep in a bed”, No animal shall drink alcohol”, “No animal shall kill another animal”, and “all animals are equal” (Daine and Hile). These commandments are created by the three characters together although they do not all cooperate very well. The character Snowball helped is described as a young bull who is energetic and hard working. He helped create many different comities while on the farm although he was later kicked off the farm by Napoleon, who it said to be Snowball’s “nemesis”. Snowball is known for his leadership attitude and his great military strategy. Squealer is a small fat pig that is known to be the propaganda leader for the pigs on the farm. Squealer is known to be a very smooth talker and is relatively known to be smart because he has an explanation as to why

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