Satire in Mark Twain´s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

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Although people disagree over what makes someone morally “good” or morally “bad,” most people can agree that caring and compassion are good qualities while intolerance and selfishness are bad qualities. Mark Twain uses satire in Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to amplify the good and bad qualities of people. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn exposes Twain’s thoughts on human nature by showing undesirable qualities of people in the racist white people and showing preferable qualities in the African-American slave, who is a victim of racism. The racist white people are portrayed by Twain as prejudice and egotistic while Jim portrays compassion.
Much of the book focuses on the white people, which seems to make them the protagonists and therefore the “good” people but Twain actually makes the white people “bad” overall. In general, the white people of the story show many bad qualities including being prejudice and selfish. Right from the beginning of the story, one of the worst characters is introduced as Huckleberry’s dad, Pap. Pap is both egotistic and prejudice. He only comes to find Huck because he wants to take all of Huck's’ money for himself. Although Pap is not able to take all of Huck's money, he does force Huck to give him small increments of money from time to time. Once Pap is kicked out of the town, he kidnaps Huck to impose what he thinks is the correct lifestyle on Huck. Not only is Pap a bad influence because he is always drinking or drunk, but he also

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