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Satirical writing Yus! Here comes the biggest trolley full of all the food groups, all the cleaning products, all of the best toys for your endless amounts of cats and dogs, and a tiny little old lady struggling to push this big load through the check out where she finally starts loading her groceries on the converbelt in the most inconvenient order possible, to make my job 10 times harder! “hi there, how are you” I say with complete despair as I look at the amount of work I have to do. but I get no answer, great she’s deaf too! I think to myself. As I start trying to order this enormous amount of groceries into an acceptable order for my packer, we give each other the most despicable glance as if we are saying sorry to each other for what is about to come. As I start scanning and eventually get to all the colds and frozen the little old lady who is still painfully loading the groceries onto the converbelt says “I want wrapping on all the colds please” WHAT! ‘um excuse me but do I look like Santa! If you want wrapping why don’t you wrap YOUR groceries up yourself!’ “of course, I can do that for you” I say in my most pretend happy voice that I can. Man, I should get an Oscar for my acting! I now have black ink on my hands from all the newspaper and sticky chicken juice on my fingers but all is good because I have finally finished with this customer. “do you have a club card?’” I ask as part of my routine dialogue “oh yes I do!” ‘oh, here we go, now I have to wait another 5

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