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Saudi Arabia Economic statistical indicators convey the fact Saudi Arabia is a developed nation. However, close analysis of political and social statistical indicators would suggest that their standard of living and individual freedoms are severely suppressed. This 'developed' nation has abnormalities in its statistical indicators which are similar to those that characterises third world nations. Saudi Arabia is oil rich and is a strictly Islamic State. Their Muslim religion and its strict adherence to their interpretation of their holy book the Quran actively dominates citizens position and role in their society. Even though they are a very modest nation in appearance, western countries are extremely concerned about the lack…show more content…
of cases of tuberculosis 1995 (per 100 000 people) 14 9 348 142 Secondary Students per teacher 1994 13.70 11.60 31.70 19.20 Military expenditure (% of GNP) 1997 13.5 3.8 N/A 3.1 Education funding (% of GNP) 1995 5.50 5.30 2.20 N/A Male/Female literacy rate (%) 1998 72/50 97/97 95/94 79.7/53.4 Electricity consumption per capita kWh 1995 3470 13732 350 18 Economic Success Saudi Arabia was a poor country until oil was discovered beneath the eastern deserts in the late 1930's. The country suddenly found itself very wealthy as it became an important exporter of oil in just a few years. The price of the oil increased very dramatically from just $3 a barrel to over $40 a barrel. This economic success ensured that the leaders became very wealthy. The GNP per capita is economically sound. However, this figure is misleading. A large proportion of GNP is channeled towards the leaders while a disproportionate sum is filtered to the citizens. A large amount of construction was initiated using the revenues earned. However, most of the workforce consisted of cheap foreign labour while the Saudi Arabian citizens suffer an enormous 25% unemployment rate compared to the United States 5% unemployment. This economic success dropped somewhat as oil prices dropped tremendously in 1998-1999. Large amounts of construction work were

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