Savagery In Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Essay

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In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, it describes the fate of young boys who withstanded a plane crash on an uninhabited island. On the island, each young boy’s human nature is put to the test and their innate true selves reveals soon after their isolation from society. Within the novel, Golding incorporates many symbols; objects, actions, or events that represent something or that create a range of associations beyond itself. In his novel, William golding creates “the beast” which symbolizes the innate evil and savagery within all the young boys, which connects to the overarching theme of the inescapable savagery within humans that results from the fragility of civilization.
“The beast” in the novel shapes the character’s themselves and this is shown through their reactions to their fear. At the very start of the novel, “the beast” is recognized by a littl’un or one of the younger boys in the novel. He recalled it as looking like a snake when revealing this to the whole group of plane crash survivors. The young boy, incredibly scared of this creature is confident
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“The beast”, a monster feared and sought after by the characters in this novel was the cause and was symbolic of their innate savagery. At the start of the novel, the beast was a mere mythical creature that was created in the mind of a littl’un, but as the characters barbaric actions became more prominent, the belief in “the beast” grew significantly. By the end of the book Jack and his group of savages were worshipping this beast, but to Simon’s realization, the beast was within them all. Golding’s message through this symbol was that everyone is innately evil and has the potential to be savage-like. After the plane crash, it was not long before the young boys’ civilized nature was transformed into savagery and barbarity, exposing the fragility of
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