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Savannah Whiting, Carson Lilley, Kennethan Heng Mr. Porter APWH 13 April, 2017 Change and Continuity Over Time These three eras of revolution showcase various changes and continuities. The three-hundred year span features revolutions that started because of an assortment of different reasons, while many of them are practically duplicates in their results of the conflict, such as a government being abolished. Although these revolutions present diverse changes over time, the essence of almost every revolution in all three time periods reveals significant continuities between them. The European Revolutions of the 1700s was a series of revolutions that were aiming to remove the feudal structures to form new states. The French Revolution is a…show more content…
The Revolutions of 1989 during the late 20th century were events which resulted in the end of power under Communism throughout Eastern and Central Europe and parts of Asia. Several nations such as Poland, Ukraine, and East Germany abandoned a communist government and control of the Soviet Union. It was a period where the global superpower was slowing its pace in global dominance. Several reasons being that under a communist system people were persecuted for religious worship and had to face authoritarian rule by typically a dictatorship or a particular dominant party due to repression. The other reason also being poverty within the populations. The three categories of revolutions are not only in different parts of the world, but have other differences to put them apart. Many of these eras of revolutions served different purposes. An example of this is the South American Revolutions that consisted of colonies trying to become independent states. The South American colonies no longer were pleased with the monarch rule of another country and chose to overthrow them to become independent states. The other two, the European Revolutions and the Communist Revolutions, were the present government of countries being replaced with new leadership and forms of governments. To compare, South American countries like Mexico, fought for years with the Spanish to gain their independence and become free states. The European and Communist Revolutions

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