Save Yourself!: A Narrative Fiction

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“I’ll smoke that last cigarette,” he said to his wife. “Stupid of me- it was the one thing I forgot to bring back from the farm.” He reached for it, switched on the silent wireless. He threw the empty packet on the fire and watched it burn while listening to the ice cold wind. He was listening closely to hear any pecking or scratching from the bird’s beaks or claws. His wife and kids lay silent on the mattress by the nice warm fire. Nat got up and started to walk around their cold house. Nat just had a feeling in his gut that everything was not going to be okay. He was worried sick. He sat there and thought, I am trying so hard for my family and I to survive, and I mean everyone that I know of around here is dead. He squinted his eyes and put his hands over his face, realizing he had many scratches and cuts on them. He slowly walked up the stairs making sure everything was okay. Everything seemed to be secure to him, but those dang hawks have brains of their own. Nat walked back down the stairs and walked into where his wife and kids were. His wife now had gotten up and was making herself some tea. Nat could see the worry in Ella’s face. He walked over and grabbed her face, looked her in the eye and said “I love you, everything will be ok. I am trying all I can. We cannot let Johnny and Jill see our fear, they will fear even more than they do now.” Ella said, “I know. I am trying my best to be strong and not let Johnny and Jill see the fear in my eyes. At least we have

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