Saving The Dream Of Homeless Kid Analysis

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A personal story of a Las Vegas teen who has experienced living in the streets, opens up the article “Saving the Dream of Homeless Kids” by Delen Goldberg and Ian Whitaker. Homelessness is a prominent issue in the Las vegas community considering the rates of homelessness have doubled since six years ago. Although homelessness affects any race, gender, and age, people tend not to notice the kids who are facing hardship. The issue of youth homelessness is analyzed by two journalists, Goldberg and Whitaker, and they present the issue and its gravity, to the Las Vegas population; they are able to reach their audience by publishing in the Las Vegas Sun online news website, in January 2016.
By using statistics and numerical facts throughout the article, the writers make it blatantly clear that homelessness rates are increasing and they present the problems these teens may encounter. The writers eases the readers in by using a personal story from a Las Vegas teen, and do not introduce the …show more content…

Golberg and Whitaker describe that it is easier to aid students who are enrolled in school because teachers or representatives are able to reach out to them in a more immediate manner. On the other hand, aid for the children who are not enrolled in school comes from associations like the Nevada Partnership of Homeless Youth. This association is characterized as a “safe place” and their goal is to assist youth in difficult situations and they try preventing such problems to arise.
Homelessness is a problem that the Las Vegas community is currently facing; the rate for teens who are homeless is increasing. The homelessness of youth exists because it seems like it is invisible, people do not take notice of it like adult homelessness. Some action is being taken by schools and specialized associations to try to prevent this persisting

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