Say Yes

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Andrew Hickey
English 102
February 8, 2012
Response to “Say Yes”

Before I started my reader-response paper, I read an article by Steven Lynn to help me know the right approach to a reader-response. There is two ways that I can approach this “by describing how readers should respond to the text or by giving the critics’ own personal response or by giving the critic’s own personal response.” I found this to really help me understand the concept of a reader-response paper. I decided to mostly give my own personal response but react on how some other readers might react.

I looked at the title and author to form a perspective on what to look for. “Say Yes” seems to be a desired answer from some person. This could be a threat given by …show more content…

Foreigners and blacks both have different cultures and tendencies, so what is the difference? Their skin color, but I still believe the husband isn’t racist. This leads me to believe the appearance of someone is more important to the husband.

In this part of the story, I found out the wife’s name: Ann. She cuts her hand and the husband immediately reacts by helping his wife by getting a band aid. He makes sure she is alright and comforts her. It seemed to me that this was some kind of peace offering to drop the conversation that his wife was so upset about. At this part of the story, I sided with the husband because of how considerate he is to his wife. He then let his wife go and relax while he finished the house chores. The wife, obviously wanting to finish the conversation, didn’t accept the peace offering. She made it quite clear when the first thing she asked was “so you wouldn’t have married me if I’d been black?” The husband becomes frustrated by the repeated topic and snaps back. This reveals the stubbornness of the wife and almost fake image of the husband. The husband seems to put on an act that he cares for his wife and does chores around the house, but does he truly care and understand his wife’s true self?

The story takes a huge turn as the unlikely event of the wife agreeing with the husband occurs. She agrees with the statement of how “If you were black you wouldn’t be you”. The husband knows he is right but the wife’s stubbornness might

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