Scaphoid Break: A Case Study

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Hi Shylaja,
What do you think are the expected complications if the scaphoid fracture is not detected and treated at the early stage?
I enjoyed reading your post. A fracture in the scaphoid is causing an insufficient blood supply to the wrist joint, leading to possible avascular necrosis (Ramponi, 2012). Subsequently, avascular necrosis of the carpal bone, contributing to a decline in hand grip function and wrist movement (Waldman, 2014). Untreated or incomplete union of the scaphoid bone associated with a fracture may lead to various compications.

Below are the list of scaphoid fracture complications


Non-union may contribute with a disfigured scaphoid leading to major functional impairment and limited motion. Clinical studies of non- union of the possible scaphoid lead to osteoarthritis but it is not clearly justified (Singh & Dias 2012).
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Complete or faulty union of the scaphoid is causing a flexion deformity of the scaphoid but and possibly an ulnar translocation or rotation of the distal fragment of the radius, although, the study remain unclear (Singh & Dias 2012). In a cadaveric research, the imitated scaphoid malunion contributing to limited wrist extension motion and this was correlative to the deviation of angulation (Burgess, 1987).
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