Scared Sacred Analysis

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Thesis: In the documentary “Scared Sacred”, the director Velcrow Ripper demonstrated that hope can be found in the darkest places and times. Using unique filming techniques he is able to let us into these people's lives, showing us the brutal reality these people go through everyday, and how they cope with it.

Camera Techniques: This type of filming technique was used very well in this film because in Bhopal India there were many shoots of the Union Carbide plant, and the size of it showing that the pesticides that were leaked could have gone on for kilometers, also they took lots of close ups of the people who still are effected today. This helped me understand what they were going through. But there was also shoots of the people happy, there was a medical centre built just for the gas survivors and how they found a refugee in all the chaos of India.
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The young girls were interviewed and as each one told their story, I thought to myself, these girls have so much courage to go against the taliban, and how they are so independent because most of their parents were killed, so education is their only way out. If I was in that position, I feel I would not be able to do anything about it, kind of helpless. Also in one of the interviews the woman face was kept covered in fear someone will see this film and kill her, which really hit me hard, it is a real threat, and you have to be careful of what you say to anyone at anytime. But still the women of afghanistan hold strong together, and are creating a new life for the next generation of afghan
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