Scarlet Letter And The Awakening Comparison

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The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne and The Awakening by Kate Chopin share common themes that can be related to the poem ‘’The Journey’’ by Mary Oliver. The Awakening which was an interesting novel depicted strong themes of identity, love, women and femininity, society and class, respect, reputation, as well as life and existence. The Scarlet Letter was a really strong novel with a powerful character, and represented themes such as revenge, women and femininity, natural world, isolation, love, judgment, forgiveness, guilt, and supernatural. As developed in the previous sentences the two novels definitely shared some very strong and common themes which can be related to the poem. The poem shares a theme of finding a voice and transforming into one’s true self.
One of the major themes in The Awakening was identity. Edna Pontellier many a times in the book needed the ‘’awakening’’ experience to really find herself and find her true identity in humanity and in the Victorian society that she lived in. So she had to come over societal judgment and find her independence. The poem similarly compares to the theme discussed in The Awakening because it really focuses on the theme of finding a voice and finding one's true self and identity as well as transforming into something greater. Since this book took place in the Victorian era Edna Pontellier was forced into the societal structure that she had to fit into to play the role of a wife or a mother and that's really not who

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