Schick Razors Advertisement Analysis Essay

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In a Game Informer magazine, I have found an advertisement for a Schick razor. The line of pictures of bald men caught my eye, so I had to take a minute to see what this advertisement promotes. Schick razors continue to rise as one of the most popular brands of razors for men and women. You can find their advertisements virtually anywhere. This particular advertisement is for a newly designed razor with a curved front, making it easier to get a close shave. Schick targets the male populations with this advertisement. This advertisement has two pictures. The first shows four large, boldly framed pictures of professionally dressed, aged bald men hanging on the wall. Underneath of these pictures, three younger men set in white chairs lined up against the same wall, fidgeting with things. Another young man sits in a chair facing to the side, separated from the others by an end table, looking up at the pictures hanging on the wall. All the young men look sharply dressed and all have full heads of styled hair. In the top corner, it says “interview starts in 15 minutes”. The second picture shows the same scene, except the man sitting in the chair facing to the side, has shaved all his hair off. Him and an older bald gentleman, who has just entered the room to call someone back for an interview, exchange …show more content…

The razor, not the main focus, got overlooked easily when I first viewed the ad. The razor has a unique design with its curved front, so I think that it should have taken center stage in the advertisement, since the razor will sell and not the men. I remained too focused on looking at the men, trying to figure out why the all sat there and why one guy had a bald head so quickly so I didn’t even see the razor. I had to look a little to finally realize what the advertisement promoted. If I plan to buy something based off an advertisement, I do not want to have to solve a puzzle to know what they plan to

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