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Myranda Marotta
US History II
Period 8
Schindler’s List
Often times in life one’s weaknesses can develop into their greatest strengths. This idea directly relates to German industrialist Oskar Schindler and his character’s transformation throughout the Steven Spielberg directed film
Schindler’s List
. Oskar Schindler was a Nazi member who saved over a thousand lives during the Holocaust by employing
Jewish prisoners to work at his factories. Although this act of utter courage and selflessness definitely gave Schindler a remarkable reputation, his flaws were what helped him achieve such greatness. In the movie
Schindler’s List
, Oskar Schindler’s excessive drinking, self indulgence and disrespect for the law
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When Schindler finally realized the true cruelty of the
Holocaust, his once selfish nature shifted into one of complete selflessness. He then opened another factory and used his personal money to purchase and save many more Jewish lives.
Along with his self indulgent weakness, Schindler also exhibited disrespect for the law.
Schindler’s disregard for the law showed to be a factor that led to his heroic deed.
Schindler broke the law by treating the Jewish people better than the Nazi’s wanted them to be treated. At one point, he even kissed a Jewish woman in front of several people. Since he never really cared for the law, it was easy for Schindler to break the rules in order to ensure the safety of Jewish people. Instead of aiding in the war effort, Schindler broke the machines in his factory so that no bullets would be produced. Although breaking the law is often times looked down upon, Schindler’s actions turned out to be of the highest acceptability as this trait helped so many Jewish people. Schindler definitely was not a man of many morals, but his flaws did indeed lead the way to salvation.
Ultimately, Schindler’s character flaws were the greatest factors in his saving of over a thousand Jewish lives. Without his tendencies to drink, self indulge, and disrespect the law, those lives may have been lost. He essentially risked his own life, to make sure those thousand Jews would not lose theirs. Schindler’s actions were of
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