Schlieffen's Use Of Nationalism As A Major Source In World War One

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World War 1 was allegedly started by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. This war led to majority of conflicts from July 28, 1914 to November 11,1918. Which was fought against the centrals powers and the allies.World War 1 had source of, Militarism, Allies, and Nationalism. World War 1 had a source of Militarism. “The armies of both France and Germany had more than doubled between 1870 and 1914 and there was fierce competition between Britain and Germany for mastery of the seas (Anorak)”. Germans soon followed though the suit for their own battleships. Von Schlieffen drew up a plan which involved an attack on France through Belgium if Russia made an attack on Germany. Another example that shows…show more content…
“A-H annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina and after this success Germany and A-H had the confidence to demand formal acknowledgements of Habsburg authority. Both gave their acknowledgements but Russia suffered humiliation from this. (Anorak)”. Austria-Hungary was a large, relatively powerful country that neighbored a small, weak, loose group of nation-states persecuted by racial conflict, they established power of Britain, France and Russia.. A-H was trying to establish itself as a dominant power in the world but needed to expand. Another example that shows nationalism is a crisis which had been given to France by Britain, but the Moroccans wanted their independence.“The German desire for colonial expansion resulted in the two Moroccan crises.(Anorak).” The German encounter with France in Morocco, to break the alliance between Britain and France, but they achieved the opposite effect. Not only did it strengthened the Anglo-French alliance. So you can see that World War 1 had sources of three main factors: Militarism, Allies, and Nationalism. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, led to war of World War 1, heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne. Would you continue to have wars and have the tragedy sources with the
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