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My Scholarship Essay As a goal oriented young adult, I aim to express my motivation to apply for the Valencia College foundation scholarship. As a college student, I thrive on the challenges and obstacles that I encounter which allow me to continue become a successful scholar. My family for one, are the main source of motivation, which allows me to continue to excel in school. My past work experiences, also allow me to push through to my full potential in continuing my education. Lastly, my educational aspirations consist in becoming a registered nurse and to finally hold my bachelor’s degree in my hand. All these examples motivate me to continue to transcend in school. Unfortunately, at one time I had the mindset that going to college was not imperative. Admittedly, I thought that going to a technical college and getting a certification degree was all that mattered. What changed my perspective, was when I looked into my son’s eyes and I thought to myself of ways of making him proud of his mommy. In addition, my husband encouraged me to never give up on my dreams and to go back to school. Eventually, I want to be better for them and continue to lead by example.
One of the greatest decisions I ever made, was to go back to school. Thanks to the motivational support I receive from them, they empathize why I have to stay up till three o clock in the morning to finish papers for school. Even though we are consumed with many financial impediments every month, my husband

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