School Day In School

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I woke up to the sun poking up from the horizon. My eyes adjusting to morning they are still tired and so am I. I looked around, my two brothers and sister are still in all in a deep sleep. So I yelled at them to wake up.
“Get up it's a school day” with my cracky morning voice.
They crawl out of bed like zombies from their grave. I grab my uniform. I put on my stockings and plaid skirt first, then my black shirt.
“Can you braid my hair” my sister Ivy mumbles
“Sure thing,” I say immediately back.
I braid her hair into two french braids then tie them off into a bow with some rope. I then gave her money for lunch. I grabbed my two heavy textbooks. They have happy students that show unrealistic pictures of school. I walked to the door where my oldest brother Dakota kissed me on my head and said,
“Have a good day
“Right back at you” I reply
I walked outside into the fresh cool air, dew still on the grass. The birds were chirping and singing to one another. I turned left and walked down the street. After many turns, I finally arrived at my bus stop at the corner Maple Ave and East Main Street. I watch as many cars rush by determined to get to their destination on time. I see the big yellow bus turn the corner and come to a screeching stop. A puff of air is released and the doors slowly open. I hop on and walk up the stairs. My name is called.
“Over here, Avery! Avery!”
I look around to see who’s coming from and see my friend Ally. I had met her on Friday on the

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