School Life And College Life Essay

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An Essay on School Life and College Life
There is a great deal of difference between school life and college life. School life is a life of restrictions and control, a life in which the student has to be accountable for his daily work to his teachers and his guardian. But a college student, of the other hand, enjoys much greater freedom from control and supervision; he is, to a very large extent, the master of his own destiny. It lies with him to make it or mar it.

At school the students has to be in attendance for fixed hours every day. He has to leave home at ten or eleven and return at four at college, however, the hours of attendance very. Sometimes, a college student has hardly time in the morning to gulp his food; at others, he has enough time to lounge about for a few minutes after a leisurely meal. On some days he returns early from college; or others, it is late evening by the time he gets back home. He has ample time at his disposal to use, abuse, or misuse.

At school the student has to prepare his daily lessons and may be taken to task for what he has left undone. But at college he can do his lessons daily, or not …show more content…

At school, students acquire habits of discipline and regularity. They have to practice obedience and follow instruction. But at college students are expected to develop a sense of responsibility and personal initiative. In other words, what a school student has to do under com-pulsing is done by the college students out of his greater sense of responsibility. Of course it has to be admitted that college life offers greater scope to a student to go astray. It he takes himself light-heartedly, he will have to suffer. It he allows arrears of studies to accumulate he will pay the price with failure and disgrace. Hence a studious pupil improves more rapidly at college than at school; but a waster comes quicker to

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