School Life In High School

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When I think about my freshman year to my junior year there are things that have been the same and things that have been different. I have experienced a lot in the couple years I have been at senior, and I have lots to say about the high school life.
The one thing that I would say never changed and kept the ram fam together is Nasty Nation. Nasty Nation is what we call ourselves at games and many different activities. We have a twitter page that is called Nasty Nation. I followed it my freshman year and it told me when the games were, what the theme was and if I didn’t go to the game they would post the score as the game is going on. The games were always my favorite thing to go to in high school. I would dress up to my fullest ability and cheer on the rams.
Another thing that never changed was the level of stress I had each year. Between homework, work, school, family, friends, and a boyfriend life was not the easiest sometimes. I have been super happy, anger, and I have cried at least accouple times in the past three years from being here. I'm not going to lie I had come to the point accouple times where I wanted to just give up and drop out, but I knew that would not be a very smart thing to do. The amount of stress coming into high school was there and coming out it’s still going to be there.
The last thing that never truly changed was the people that go to Dubuque Senior High school. I am graduating with the same people that I went to middle school with and some

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