School Organiztion

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Summer vacation is drawing to a close, and you are wondering how to get organized for the upcoming school year. This can be a stressful time for you and your children as school means getting down to business and focusing on back to school organiztion for needed school supplies, back to school clothes, a morning routine and after school process.

There are many organizing tips that can be utilized to make sure your children are confident and ready to succeed.

School supplies and back to school shopping should be completed within two to three weeks before school starts. Notebook paper, pencils, blue and black pens, crayons, a calculator, spiral notebooks, 3 ring binders, pocket folders, a ruler, an agenda, and book bag are the essentials all children will need. Depending on your child's
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Organize each binder with dividers and notebook paper and label them.
Get organized by labeling the cover of each binder with the class subject and the teacher's name if you so choose. Have your child show creativity by putting a fun illustration on the cover to make the binder look more interesting and colorful. Labeling will make organization easier, and all assignments and classwork for each subject will be accounted for.

Establishing a morning routine plays a big role in back to school organiztion. In order to make this go smoother, make sure you have your child clean out their room the weekend before school begins.
Your child's study area should be cleaned and organized with extra school supplies for homework purposes.
Go through all closets, dressers and chests and assort school clothes, summer outfits, weekend wear and winter apparel.
Organize all school clothes in the front of the closet so that the morning will go smoother and there will not be a reason for chaos.
All summer clothes should be packed away as most of the time these will not be appropriate for school
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