School Psychology And The Lgbtq2-S. Community

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The Practice of School Psychology and the LGBTQ2-S Community
Students who identify as members of the LGBTQ2-S community may experience academic, social, and emotional challenges, both within and outside of the walls of school (Harrison & Thomas, 2014). Therefore, as a school psychologist and advocate for students, one should promote for “changes in policies through brief conversations and suggestions with teachers, staff, and administrators; this process may be effective in shaping the school climate toward acceptance of LGBT youth” (Heck, Flentje, & Cochran, 2011, pp. 169-170). However, for a school psychologist to be successful in doing so, one must strive to be culturally competent. It is for that reason, that a school psychologist must …show more content…

482). Furthermore, recent studies indicate that school staff have insufficient knowledge and tools in working with the LGBTQ community (McCabe, Rubinson, Dragowski, & Elizalde-Utncik, 2013). Therefore, the school psychologist’s goals are to establish a culture within the school that gives the LGBTQ student a right to an equal education and mental health support. At the same time providing a safe environment in which acceptance can blossom through respect and diversity free off any type of harassment with the help of the teachers and staff (Harrison & Thomas, 2014). Once an individual becomes aware, he or she can begin to realize that he or she sees the world through a filtered lens, which is from his or her own cultural perspective. For this reason, one should familiarize him or herself with current studies and topics related to the LGBTQ community. In the past it used to be the case that a school psychologist must practice within his or her scope of knowledge and refer out when necessary. However, the National Association of School Psychologists dictates that the school psychologist must become competent to work with the LGBTQ community (NASP, 2010). The school psychologist should seek out ways to continually educate him or …show more content…

It is about attaining an adequate sense of knowledge, being cognizant of his or her values, beliefs and biases, while working with a diverse population in a multicultural environment (Newell et al., 2010). It is a lifelong journey commitment to become multicultural competence by becoming a lifelong learner. School psychologists can achieve this by the continuation of practice in self-reflection, becoming more aware of the client’s worldview and serving as an ally in providing interventions that can better assist in serving the LGBTQ2-S community. To be multiculturally competent in the LGBTQ community is not only in the benefit of the student, but as a school psychologist he or she are required to be legally, ethically and professionally bound in their

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