School Shootings Are Becoming More And More Prevalent

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School shootings are defined as being a mass shooting which involves a gun attack on an educational institution. The first known shooting in the United States happened during the 1700s. Four Lenape American Indians entered a schoolhouse near present-day Greencastle, Pennsylvania. The schoolmaster, Enoch Brown, was shot and killed along with several other children in which only two survived. There have been hundreds of shootings since, and more specifically there have been at least 156 school shootings in America since 2013. School shootings are not a thing of the past, and they will probably still continue into the future. To prevent mass shootings in the future schools must have new safety measures in place, and certain steps such as gun control and easy access to mental help can ensure the safely of citizens here at home. School shootings are becoming more and more prevalent. Without having safety measures in place, more and more incidences of people being killed or maimed will occur. According to David Jannetty there are several steps to help prevent school shootings. The first step would be to advert children’s attention away from violent video games. According to Mr. Jannetty, “there needs to be a greater public awareness effort, paid for by the video companies, to educate parents on the possible dangers associated with violent video games.” Another step from David Jannetty would be the community recognizing students who have mental issues and then those who suffer

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