School Shootings

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When I enter my school, personally, I can say that I feel safe there. But when I hear of school shootings in other states or I hear of a fight or a instance of violence at my own school I do feel nervous. I wonder if I would be able to protect myself or if my teachers would be able to protect me, but I do not wish my teacher would have a gun in that instance. Since I am not armed, I feel as if I could find other ways to protect myself and other people aside from a weapon, therefore teachers should not be allowed to have guns at school.

April 22. 1999, two high school students entered Columbine High School and killed one teacher, 12 students, injured 23 people, and took their own lives (Kopel and Oyster). Since this tragedy, an outrageous number of school shootings have occurred, whether it be from someone within the school, or an intruder. Multiple strategies have been proposed on how school shootings should be prevented. One reason that is extremely close to being put into affect is arming teachers so they could protect the students and themselves. Society does not realize that this can cause more problems than it is going to solve. Teachers should not be allowed to carry weapons in school.

Mental illness is very prominent in our society today, even in the work place. Mental illness can range from very impaired to not very impaired, but in 2015, there were an estimated 43.4 million adults aged 18 or older in the United States with any mental illness within the past

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