School Shootings Report

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Between 2013 and 2015 two school shootings per month happened in the United States, what are the chances that my school would be the next one. To ensure the student's' preparation for a possible shooting, my school district started an ALICE training to prepare us in case of a school shooting. This training involves Intelligent escape, enhanced lockdown procedures, and counter and swarm. But every year while I undergo this training, I question why would someone shoot a school, and why is this issue becoming more and more frequent, rather than getting solved. according to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, school shootings typically involve a mixture of suicidal thoughts, despair and anger, plus access to guns.
Two of the main school shootings that happened in the U.S. are the Sandy Hook shooting and the Santa Barbara shooting. Both of the shooters in these events were diagnosed with a mental illness at a young age, however, both denied it and refused to get a treatment for it. When an individual with a mental health illness does not get a treatment, the illness only …show more content…

In my school, a rumor of a student possibly attacking our school was send around social media, which led the student to reply saying “it might ruin someone’s reputation”. The students in my school lacked the ability or the knowledge to properly identify the signs and tell a professional about it, who can then solve the issue professionally. My hope is that just like how we train students to defend themselves in case of a school shooting with ALICE, we train to also prevent the shooting from happening, therefore we become more capable of pulling the problem from its

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