School Uniforms Should Be Made Mandatory Throughout Academic Environments

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Uniformity: an abstract idea which many frown upon and consider to be stifling to one’s creative spirit. However, uniformity does not always have a negative connotation. In the academic environment, uniformity can allow for a child’s learning experience to increase tenfold. This does not refer to uniformity of the mind, but rather uniformity of the student’s attire. School uniforms should be made mandatory throughout academic environments due to the benefits they produce, such as reducing competition among students, allowing for a more structured learning environment, as well as creating a safer environment for students. As a young student, the struggles of education are pressing enough, but when the added pressure of measuring up to your peers is added to those struggles, school quickly becomes a competition. The presence of school uniforms allows for students, whether they are from a low income family or simply have a different taste in fashion, to attend school without the constant pressure of a competition or rejection. Delphina Briscoe, principal of Milliones Middle School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, spoke about the state of her school prior to introducing uniforms, saying that "there was competitiveness over sneakers and clothes. I was seeing a lot of children defamed by a discussion of ethnic culture on T-shirts.” (Mancini). However, upon adding uniforms, Briscoe reports “the difference is noticeable” (Mancini). Many students live in constant fear of being

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