School Vacation

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“I can't believe it's time for school already,” I mumbled to myself as I turned off my alarm clock and rolled out of bed. It was the first day back to school after summer vacation, and I certainly wasn't feeling too happy about it. Early mornings, boring classes, lots of homework; the very thought of these things made me want to cover myself with blankets and never get up. Still, I didn't have much of a choice, so I got up, got dressed (in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers: my new favorite clothing combo), and made myself something to eat for breakfast.[i]I'm sure it won't be [b]all[/b] bad...[/i], I thought to myself as I ate. [i]At least I'll get to see my friends again, and maybe check out some of the new club activities.[/i] The more I thought about it, the better I felt about going back to school. After all, everything was going my way.

It had been a year since I transferred to Lakewood High School. Just like with every other school, I had busy days going to and from classes and trying my best to finish the not-so-modest amount of homework assigned to me. However, this school was different from the rest too. Instead of racing through the halls in fear of being late for class, my schedule now allowed me some time to take a breath and calmly walk to wherever I was going. While the subjects were still boring and there was still plenty of homework, somehow, it didn't feel as difficult as it did before, and the teachers were very nice. In fact, the whole atmosphere was very

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