Schools Providing Contraception For Children

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Schools Providing Contraception
When a teenage girl sees that small pink plus sign on a pregnancy test, many things begin to run through her mind. “What am I going to tell my parents and boyfriend? How is this going to affect me? How will my friends and family react? What about my education and future? How did this happen to me? What could I have done to prevent this?” Most teenagers have sex without being protected. Whether they’re embarrassed or afraid of being seen, it results in a lot of teenage pregnancies. However, there is a way teenage girls can get the needed protection without being seen or embarrassed. High schools should provide condoms, birth control, sex education classes, and individual counseling to students who ask for them, thus giving private access to the students who need it. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) states: “birth control is a term that includes all methods used to regulate or prevent the birth of children. For thousands of years, birth control received little public attention. Death rates were extremely high in infancy and children. Overpopulation is what spurred an interest in birth control. Condoms are used to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms also had very little public attention until the amount of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States increased by eighty percent from the year 1987 to the late 1990’s” (Legislatures, 2015). The world was becoming a bigger place and many children were being…
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