Schools Should Do More For Accommodate Disabled Students

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Colleges Should Do More to Accommodate Disabled Students In recent years, the number of disabled students who are seeking a college education has gone on an uphill climb. Most colleges have agreed to make accommodations that fit the needs of these students. However, some of these students find that necessary accommodations which make learning accessible and possible for them are lacking. Disabled students can be willing and able to pursue a college education as much as those who are not disabled, and they earn more money if they graduate college compared to those who do not. They simply need accommodations based on their needs in order to be successful, and colleges can make these accommodations without damaging the integrity of the courses (Lewin). Going too far would be having somebody else take a course for disabled students and earning credits for them. With present accommodations, students can access some buildings on campus and receive help such as notes taken for them if they are dyslexic or cannot hear the lectures properly. For all these reasons, colleges have not gone too far to accommodate students with disabilities and should do more to make them feel welcome at college. An implication that colleges have not gone too far in accommodating students with disabilities is that some students with disabilities cannot get the support that they need. Wheelchair ramps have been installed, accessible bathrooms constructed, and note-takers have been provided at some…
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